Workshop & Symposium 2-3 March 2017


Invitation for participation

WORKSHOP, 2 March 2017: Introduction of HAWASSI-wave software for wave-tank, coastal and ocean engineering applications

SYMPOSIUM, 3 March 2017: New developments on coastal and ocean engineering

at Lawangwangi Creative Space,
Bandung, Indonesia

The workshop is designed to introduce Hawassi-wave software and to give a quick start in the back ground of the modelling methods and the practical use of the software.
The symposium aims to share recent developments on coastal and ocean engineering.
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Research WorkShop 11-15 January 2016 : HAWASSI software


Research WorkShop: 
Wave simulations for coastal & offshore engineering using


This RWS is mainly aimed at students and graduates (BSc, MSc, PhD) interested to use or improve software for the simulation of environmental waves. The various aspects require contributions from different disciplines:
Coastal or Ocean Engineering, Marine science, Ship building etc, but also Mathematics, (Computational) Physics, and Computer Science.
Good performance ...

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