Release of HAWASSI software



In 3 September 2015, LabMath-Indonesia releases the HAWASSI (Hamiltonian Wave-Ship &-Structure Interactions) to the public via the website:


The Hamiltonian formulation calculates phase resolved waves in a dimension-reduced way (Boussinesq with exact or optimized dispersion); the interior fluid motion can be recovered in a post-processing step. The explicit time evolution with automatic time step conserves the approximate energy exactly and avoids instabilities and unwanted dissipation.
Wave-Ship-Structure Interaction refers to waves affected by bathymetry, harbour walls, breakwaters, etc. (Wave-ship interactions will become available in later versions).

The software comes in two versions:

HAWASSI-AB (Analytic Boussinesq)


HAWASSI -VBM (Variational Boussinesq Model)

In both versions the total energy in surface variables is approximated  by modelling the interior flow is obtained, based on Dirichlet’s minimization principle for potential flows. Presently, the capabilities of the codes make them competitive with other existing software in the following application areas:

  • HAWASSI-AB for simulations of long-crested (1HD) high, very nonlinear, breaking or non-breaking waves with exact dispersion in wave tanks, with the possibility to obtain reliable statistics about extreme wave occurrence
  • HAWASSI -VBM for simulations of long (1HD) and short crested waves (2HD) with excellent dispersion properties in coastal areas with harbours and strongly varying bathymetry, and for simulation of oceanic waves.

More information about the software:


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